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About Us

Developed by Realtors for Realtors

With over 30 years in the Real Estate industry specializing in residential rentals & sales, we understand the importance and advantages of having first contact and well established relationships with tenants and landlords. Realizing that these relationships can and will hold future value. Our software enables you to stay connected and provides a future revenue stream, whether it be the purchase of a dream home or another rental, we have simplified the process.

We want to share our secret:

  • Tenants will eventually become buyers
  • Owners will eventually become sellers


While providing a positive experience and establishing a trusting relationship with future buyers and sellers, we have grown and cultivated our own sales leads over the years, while earning a STEADY income with rentals.

Our agents have thrived over the years with rentals and sales in both good and bad Real Estate markets. Newer agents have a reduced start up time and have begun earning rental commissions almost immediately while establishing relationships with future home buyers and sellers. Our software search capabilities allow users to simply link prospective tenants to available properties with ease. Our "Done deal" one click provides all the necessary paper work to facilitate and close the rental transaction.

Earn Steady Income by Matching Tenants and Landlords!